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Bath High School by Frans Van Barr
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History of Bath High School

Building 1921 - 1925The various buildings that comprise the structure of the former Bath High School were first constructed in the period of 1918-1921.  The first classes were held in 1921.  From 1921 until 1989,  students from grades 1 to 11 or K to 12  -- depending on the levels available at the time -- attended classes in Bath and ultimately graduated from Bath High School.

After the last class graduated from the high school in 1989, classes continued for grades K-8 in other newer buildings at the same location.  The two story building that had come to accommodate principally grades 9-12 was no longer used for classes.  There was a consensus at that time that building should not be left to stand empty but should be offered to some enterprising individual or organization that would use the building in a way that was a benefit to the community and that maintained the dignity of the institution that had been housed in the structure.

Despite a number of proposals, offers, options, and contracts over the years,  no such use was ever made of the structure.  During that time the responsibility for repairs and maintenance was unclear.  Windows and the roof became unsightly, hazardous and no longer protected the building from the elements.  In 2005, the school board made a decision to demolish the structure.

As the news of the demolition plan came to light, a group of concerned graduates and other residents of Bath asked the board to reconsider their plan.  This group organized and incorporated with the purpose of first protecting the building and ultimately promoting or managing a sustaining use of the structure.  The school board did drop its plans to tear down the building.   Instead, it took the legal actions to explicitly return clear title to the property to the Town of Bath

Since that time Bath High School Preservation has offered its resources to the town on behalf of the old school.  The maintenance and repair issues have been addressed such that the condition of the structure is stable and safe.  There have been engineering inspections, architectural studies and actual aesthetic improvements, all geared toward promotion of the structure for various uses to benefit the community.


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